Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, we are actually in New Zealand!!!! There were times yesterday when, because of a whole series of mishaps, I doubted that we'd actually make it, but here we are!!! Dave needed a lot of help to navigate the airports and all the airport people, from Detroit to LA to Aukland, were great. While waiting to go through customs, Dave and I were even sniffed by a very cute border patrol basset hound who made a bee-line for us while we were in line...we had had some sandwiches packed in a carrier and threw them away when we were fed on the flight, but that little dog still could smell them in the carrier, and also an apple, which we forgot we had. We were very lucky as his handler said that if we had reached the actual customs gate with the apple we could have been fined $200. We had an excellent day...saw some beautiful scenery, stopped on Piha Beach and waded in the Tasman Sea and watched the surfers ride the waves, and then we spent a lot of time stuck in traffic...there must have been a very bad accident on the freeway as a several mile stretch was closed and all traffic was rerouted off and into the city. Shirlee's excellent navigating and our intrepid leader, Don, got us through though. So here we are enjoying a relaxing evening in Orewa! No pictures today, but I'll try to load some tomorrow. The scenery has been incredible already...very tropical with lots of palms and lots of beautiful seascapes. Eager to see what tomorrow brings....


  1. Hi Lynne! So glad you are using the blog!!! I am looking forward to following along and living vicariously. Sounds like all is going well so far. Enjoy!!!

  2. You made it!!! It sounds beautiful. Can't wait to see the pics!